Wednesday, 9 January 2008

3 girls and 1 boy - every mans fantasy

E and I were on holiday in America. One night we decided to hit the town on a night out, so we joined the queue of the local night club. Once inside we realised this place was massive and full of people really up for a good night.

We had a few drinks and then hit the dance floor. I went off to get some drinks and left E to it. When I returned she'd made some new friends, two beautiful local girls with blonde hair and tidy bodies. I introduced myself and the girls were quite forward with their intentions. Not towards me, but toward my gorgeous girlfriend. E was dragged off the the dance floor and I tagged along to watch it all unfold.

The two girls were called J and K - they were good friends but it was obvious that one was more interested in E than the other. K grabbed me and told me how she found my girlfriend extremely attractive. I was quite forward and told her I was willing to share.

I bought all the girls a drink and sat at the bar watching them all dance together. I wasn't sure what was going to happen if anything at all so I thought the best thing to do was let E do her thing. She was lapping up the attention from the two sexy locals.

After a while the girls informed me we were going back to our room. I wasn't sure whether E had informed them what she was like, but they seemed fully aware of what was in store once back at the room.

Our room was conveniently situated in the same hotel and the nightclub, so we jumped in the nearest lift and up to our room. Once we were inside our room it was obvious the girls were impressed. Our room had a super king size bed and all the nice things cheaper rooms don't have.
After a few drinks from the mini bar E started to kiss K. I was watching them go at it and realised J was on her own and looking at bit lonely. I sat on the bed next to her and began rubbing her leg with one hand and my cock with the other. E and K were thoroughly oblivious to what J and I were up to. They were kissing each other with such intensity that they missed me pulled out my cock. J commented that my cock was "impressive" and I began to wank it to full strength. She wasted no time in giving me a really nice blow job, licking my shaft up and down and flicking her tongue across the tip.

E and K soon realised that J and I were having fun and this only increased their own intensity. The both stripped off and K was between E's legs in a matter of seconds. She was licking E out with a lot of enthusiasm. E was writhing about on the bed next to J and I. I decided my cock was hard enough to penetrate J and I positioned her so I got a good view of what E and K were up to.
E loves watching me fuck other girls, and it turned her on even more having K between her legs whilst I fucked J.

After a while of doggie style with J, I decided that K could do with a good licking herself. I asked J if she liked girls and she replied "I've never been with another girl." I knew that E would enjoy knowing that she was J's first girl.

J had an amazing body - very toned with tan lines over her boobs and arse. It was clear she enjoyed being on the beach! She somewhat gingerly sat on E's face. I wasted no time is turning upside down and putting my face between K's legs.

To my utter amazement the was a huge wet patch underneath where K was lying. At first I wasn't sure what was going on and wondered if someone had spilled their drink. I realised that perhaps K had caused the wet patch, but I couldn't be certain. I started to finger K's pussy and soon enough I found the cause of the wet patch. She was extremely turned on and had been squirting all over the bed sheets.

I'd never had the pleasure of experiencing a girl that can squirt and I knew I was in for a treat. I got my face deep inside K's pussy and began to flick my tongue across her clit. I buried my tongue deep inside her hole and loved how sweet it tasted. After a few minutes of licking, K began to pant and moan, she squirted all over my face, covering me in her sweet pussy juice. I was a little shocked by the sheer volume, it soaked my hair and I took quite a bit in the mouth.

I decide to give my face a quick wipe before continuing. J was grinding her pussy into E's face and it looked to me that she was on the edge of cumming. Without too much noise she slumped to the side and shut her eyes. She shuddered a few times on the bed and then lay still.

E hadn't received much attention from me. Not because I didn't want to, she was just too preoccupied with two girls to play with. I decided I'd let her enjoy he tongue lashing from J. I slapped on a condom and then pushed my cock inside K's tight hole. I attempted to put my finger in her bum to which I was told "I'm not that type of girl". It was a shame but I didn't waste time thinking about it and carried on fucking her from behind.

My tongue had already brought on one flash flood, and my cock practically broke the damn. She squirted out sweet pussy juice after just about every thrust. The bed sheets were soaked and I was loving every second of this new experience.

J had now recovered so I decided she would not appreciate being left out. I lay her close to E and assumed the missionary position. J moved her face close to E's and they kissed each other and licked each others tongues.

I knew I was close to orgasm but decided to save it as I knew this type of experience needed to be savored. E had multiple orgasms and made us all very aware of them with her moans and screams of joy. K was very proud of herself but you could tell she couldn't get enough of E's pussy. After every orgasm she gave E no recovery time and just keep licking her puffy clit.

I decided I wanted to come on all the girls at once so stood at the end of the bed. K was very inviting and told J to get ready for some cum. The girls all positioned themselves at the end of the bed, with their arses up ready for my cum. I brought myself to orgasm after a minute or two of fast wanking. My cum wasn't particularly thick but it was just enough to provide each arse a small squirt.

Tonight was amazing! None of my friends would believe how lucky I am.


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